Logo / Branding

In a world of black and white, the best design is hidden among the gray.

We understand the importance of a professional logo and work hard to ensure that the custom logo and business branding elements we create directly reflect your business.

With high-quality designs throughout our portfolio, In The Gray Graphic Design strives to make brands shine. We create fully custom logo designs and business branding sure to catch your eye and turn some heads. Look through our recently completed projects below to see some of our work!

Logos_Full Stack_Jumping Bean.png
Logos_Full Stack_Baltimore Ghosts.png
Logos_Full Stack_Air Support.png
Logos_Full Stack_BirdieMan.png
Logos_Full Stack_Conect and Thrive.png
Logos_Full Stack_Bond.png
Logos_Full Stack_Brickhouse Inn.png
Logos_Full Stack_CCP PAws.png
Logos_Full Stack_Cincinnati Ghosts.png
Logos_Full Stack_Dimez.png
Logos_Full Stack_Efluxers.png
Logos_Full Stack_EO Therapy.png
Logos_Full Stack_Ghostflix.png
Logos_Full Stack_Grassroots.png
Logos_Full Stack_Italia Chick.png
Logos_Full Stack_Joker Brewing.png
Logos_Full Stack_Lizzie Borden.png
Logos_Full Stack_M5.png
Logos_Full Stack_Miami Haunts.png
Logos_Full Stack_Mysterium.png
Logos_Full Stack_Phoenix Ghosts.png
Logos_Full Stack_RC Strategies.png
Logos_Full Stack_St. Louis Ghosts.png
Logos_Full Stack_The Johnson Agency.png
Logos_Full Stack_UAS.png
Logos_Full Stack_USGA.png
Logos_Full Stack_Welty House.png
Logos_Full Stack_BlueWave.png

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